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Zhong’s 2022 Year in Review

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Zhong Gu
·Jan 31, 2023·

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It's the end of January 2023, and I better publish my 2022 yearly review before I skip it for more excuses.

As I scrolled my phone a bit earlier, it seems 2022 has nothing to highlight. But it truly is or should be a milestone for my professional life.

Started my new job on August 8, 2022, at a skincare company selling in the Southeast Asia market. Promoted to manage the Indonesian direct-to-consumer channel in September, but all I encountered were "failures."


  • I lost my temper in September at a meeting.

  • The website project got delayed.

  • The Q4 campaign went south.


  • Gained a few new perspectives on media buying, and I planned to write an article about this.

  • Started to see business more holistically, which sparked me to dig deeper into the topic and application of strategy.

  • Began to have a better understanding of how e-commerce business should work, which should be useful when I started my own adventure.

Next Step

  • Phiscally: lost 30 pounds

  • Professionally: start my own brand

That's it. I couldn't pick a photo of the year since I don't have any life in 2022. Hope 2023 will be nice to me!

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