Zhong’s 2021 Year in Review

Zhong’s 2021 Year in Review

Dec 31, 2021·

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2021 was the most unique year in my 20s.

Heartbreaking moments happened in this year; life-changing decisions were being made; Success and failures were intertwined.

Each month I would choose a word or phrases to record what went through my life.

January - The Feeling of Lost The most dramatic thing happened to life life is my father went to the emergency room due to alcohol poisoning. This is the first time I'm close to lose a close family member. Words are hard to express those mixing feeling.

February - BJJ I took my first BJJ class on February 9, 2021 and got hooked. Unfortunately, our instructor left the dojo after I took 30-ish class with him. And my BJJ journey was postponed until December 2021. The seed was planted that day shall never be forgotten.

March - Clubbell and Career Crisis I felt stuck on my day job as a media buyer. All clients expecting you achieve 2+ ROAS, yet they're reluctant to invest in ad creatives, not to mention they lame products. At the same time, I was hooked on clubbell and animal flow classes.

April - 27 I turned 27 this month. And 27 is a sacred number for the existence of the 27 Club. Screwed that. I want to live FOREVER. Things started to get better in our little startup. We signed a promising client, busy to prepare their crowdfunding launch.

May - Knockout Had my biggest career success, our team helped the client raised 2 million USD with only 20k ads and pr expense. At that point, I genuinely thought the second half of 2021 was gonna be more awesome. We finally knew how to run an agency.

June - Boxing and Training This was my happiest month of 2021. All I did was boxing class and clubbell class. I did not remember other things.

July - Multi-Stream Income This month I spent lots of time writing affiliate articles. Though not a huge success. But it was a great endeavour.

August - COVID COVID hit Beijing again and our gym closed for 2 weeks. I closed myself in my apartment for almost the same time.

September - Failure Went through the biggest career failure of my career. Period.

October - Burning Out and Farewell Beijing Worked like 14 hours per day for almost 20 days and had my first burnt out.

Moved to Shenzhen after spending 4 years in Beijing. To be closed to my family in Nanchang. My father was drunk and went nuts at the end October. I felt I need pay more attention to my family.

November - Settle Down First month in Shenzhen. Nothing to highlight.

December - Exploration Back to the mat, I picked up guitar one more time with a tutor helping me. For an ADHDer like me, the learning progress way less steep with extra help. Plan to have a programming and skateboard tutor on the year of 2022.

And last, I picked my photo of the year. Everything is vivid in this pic, except my lips. Cheers~