Steve Jobs on Recruiting

Jun 27, 2022·

3 min read

Original YouTube Video The greatest people are self-managing. They don't need to be managed you if they know what if once they know what to do they'll go figure out how to do it.

They don't need to be managed at all. What they need is a common vision and that's what leadership is. What leadership is is having a vision being able to articulate that so the people around you can understand it and getting a consensus on a common vision

We wanted people that were insanely great at what they did but we're we're not necessarily those seasoned professionals but who had on at the tips of their fingers and in their passion the latest understanding of where technology was and what we could do with that technology and who wanted to bring that to lots of people.

So the neatest thing that happens is when you get a core group of you know 10 great people that it becomes self-policing as to who they let into that group so I consider the most important job of someone like myself is recruiting agonized over hiring.

We had interviews I go back and look at some of the interviews agenda they would start at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and go through dinner a new interviewee would talk to everybody in the building at least once maybe a couple of times and then come back for another round of interviews and then we'd all get together and talk about it at least to my mind was when we finally decided we liked them enough to show them the Macintosh prototype. And then you snap them down in front of it and if they just kind of were bored or said this is a nice computer we don't want it we wanted their eyes to light up and then to get really excited and then we knew they were one of us and everybody just wanted to work not because it was work that had to be done but it was because something that we really believed in. That was just gonna really make a difference and that's what kept the whole thing going. We all wanted exactly the same thing instead of spending our time arguing about what the computer should be we all knew what the computer should be and we just win and dinner we went through that stage and Apple where. We went out and we thought oh we're gonna be a big company let's hire professional management we went out and hired a bunch of professional management.

It didn't work at all most of them were bozos they knew how to manage but they didn't know how to do anything and so well if you're a great person why do you want to work for something you can't learn anything from. And you know what's interesting you know who the best managers are there are the great individual contributors who never ever want to be a manager but decide they have to be a manager because no one else is going to be able to do as good a job as them.